Thursday, December 23, 2010

Progressive House Session (Monterrey At Midnight Mix 02)


1. Sunbird - They Accept Paradise (Eximinds Remix)
2. Dezza - Feel Good (Hazem Beltagui's Sunrise Remix)
3. D-Folt - Starry Night (Original Mix)
4. Jaytech - Pyramid (Dinka Remix)
5. Mango - Kites (Shingo Nakamura Remix)

[Alejandro Leal´s Monterrey at Midnight Guest Mix]

1. Shipstad And Warren - Eighty Seven Years (Original Mix)
2. Lessov - Kosmonaut (Original Mix)
3. PROOF - Sweet October (Original Mix)
4. Crystal Castles - Celestica (KhoMha Remix)
5. Pconvolve - Cosmology (Matt Lange Cosmopolitan Remix)
6. Alexander Popov - Metropolis (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix)
7. Aleete - Passion (Alex Pich & Dmitry Fedorov Remix)
8. Mango - Here We Go (Original Mix)
9. Mango & Aeron Aether - Searching For A Memory (Sundriver Instrumental Mix)

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Wooooooowwww! What a big ass collabration with me and Alejandro from Mexico. I really hope guys will like ourawesome mix and hope a lot of you guys will downlaod it. You better!!!!

And another woooooowwww cause this Blog is over 1 year old now and we have almost 100.000 views thats fucking amazing.I cant believe it, from all over the word. I love you really!!! Now some words from Alejandro:

"Wish you merry x-mas and a happy new year!!, and remember "BE PROGRESSIVE" thats my motto "BE PROGRESSIve"


Sooooo as he said be progressive and feel this amazing music genre!
All the best and greetings from damn cold Munich - Germany and Monterrey - Mexico!!!!! <3

Tekiu aka Anthony and Alejandro!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wonderful Chill Out Music (The Emotional Well-Being Mix)


1. Mystic Diversions - Dance Of The Seven Veils
2. Stephen Sanburne - Free Floating
3. Mastermind - Empty Road
4. Mike Smith Trio - Visions Of White
5. Al Browning - Dreams Of Snow
6. Mel T. Waters - Welcome Blue Hour
7. Blank & Jones - Daydreamin
8. Peyton Trio - Lazy Afternoon
9. Cantoma - Marisi
10.Sid Sweeney - Winter Voyage
 Jazz Moments
1. Talon Bourne - Sweet Necessities
2. Aiden Carter - Spring With U
3. Ty Pursglove - Sunshine At Night
4. Baby Colby - Cruising FM
5. Brian Berdwell - Less Mind More Fun
Downlaod Link (Zippyshare)
Download Link (4shared ) soon
Hey People from all over the world! Yeahhhh Im happy to upload a new Chill Out Mix after 3 months of waiting! Im sorry but its hard to find good smooth Chill Out Tracks.
Im very sure you guys will love this mix. Its so amazing in the car while driving and seeing all the stressed people out there!
Enjoy the NewMix and would be happy if you leave a comment!
For The Love Of  Music

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Progressive House Session (Infinite Loop Mix)

!!! Progressive House !!!


1. Ads feat Di - Words That May Never Be Said (Dedicated To A C)
2. M.A.Z.7 - Don't Cry (Original Mix)
3. Matteo Marini - I Miss U (Original Mix)
4. Jason Bradberry - Autumn feat  Emily Haughton (Mango pres. Shoreliners Remix)
5. T-PE3 - Missin You (Original Mix)
6. Fade - Walk Beside You (Original Mix)
7. Alpha 9 - Bliss (Original Mix)
8. Alexander Popov - Vapour Trails (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
9. Mossy - Meeting Point (Original Mix)
10.EDU - Sweet Amber (Original Mix)
11.Schodt Ft. Aida Fenhel - White Tiger (Schodt 'M1dn1t3' Mix)
12.Labtracks - Together (Original Mix)

Awww what a sweet new Mix Ive done! I bet you will love the sounds! I fucking love this damn great Music genre. The great smooth sounds will bring us to forget all the probolems we have. At the moment my favorite music genre for sure <3

I tried to start the mix with deep depressed sounds and  raise it with awesome sounds from Alpha 9, Mossy and many more. I wish you all a happy Halloween and dont get scared about this mix. Downlaod it =)

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Progressive House Session (Silent Train Of Thoughts Mix)


1. Mango - Good Morning Track (Sundriver Remix)
2. Noel Sanger - One More Time (Solarity Instrumental)
3. Kazusa - Revolver (Original Mix)
4. Narel - Endsky (Facade Remix)
5. Tomi Chair - Blue Fish Goes To Deeper (Kazusa Remix)
6. Haris C feat. Anthya - Tonight (Soarsweep pres Smooth Stab Remix)
7. Terry Da Libra - Enchanted Waters (Original Mix)
8. Elegant Universe - My Blessing, My Curse (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
9. Will Dukster, Solnc - Im Reaching (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
10.Mango - Here we go (Original Mix)
11.Nino Alvarez - Always & Forever (Original Mix)
12.Mossy - The Light Ft. African Children Choir (Original Mix)
13.Arnej - The Beauty That Lies Behind Those Green Eyes (Opus Outro Mix)

Mmmmmhhh... This great mix will take you to another place. Very very relaxing Tracks. Thank you guys still for the amazing support and also thanks to all the great comments. This blog is almsot a year old now and so many viewer and listener are here , thats so awesome to see that my "project" is approved!!!!!!!!! <3

So enjoy this awesome new Silent Train Of Thoughts Mix. Great while driving with car somewehre, sportor jsut relaxing in tha couch ;) New Chill Out mix soon!!


Tekiu =))

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wonderfull Chill Out Music (Africa Asia Oriental Theme Mix)

Andimba Chirwa - Mubende
Lulu Nthite - Kubu Island
Letele Band - Kalagala Sea
Justice Lupia - Selebi Phikwe

Kwon O Chen - Playing The Dragon
Asia Corp. - The Power Of Yellow
Meng Bao - Laughing Wo
Pradesh Singh - Bali Ways
My Phuong Nguyen & Thierry Dav
Jamal Al Said - Tea In Tanger
Nazim Ramzi - Marrakech Moon
Ahir Egbal - Bou Kadir
Omar Richman - Casablanca Cafe
Christian Hamm & Alain Bertoni - Malouf Rendevouz

Wow This is maybe my best Chill Out Mix I have ever done. You will get a lot of wonderful feelings when you listen to it. Goosebumps for sure!!!
Sorry I cant find words for this! JUST ENJOYYYY this will blow you away!!!

Thank you for all the great comments and mails in the last time. I appreciate every of them. Im glad this Blog is getting bigger and bigger.


*Fuck to all people who hate other countries, religions, skin colours, cultures!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Progressive House Session (Enter The Blue Path Mix)


1. Mango - Good Morning Track (Kazusa Remix)
2. Kazusa - World Clock (Original Mix)
3. Mango Aqua Diva - At The Edge Of This Mountain (Club Mix)
4. Richard Verschuren - Orbital (Original Mix)
5. Everlight - Colours (Tobias Davy Remix)
6. Tom Fall & Something Good - Reflections (Sundriver Remix)
7. Paul Keeley - Wegel (Original Mix)
8. B.O.N.G. & Eddie M - Gift (Original Mix)
9. KaNa - Flower Of Snow (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
10.Evave - To The Stars (PROFF Remix)
11.Thya - Empire Of The Sun (Original Mix)
12.Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - So It Goes (Original Mix)
13.EDX - Shy Shy (Extended Vocal Mix)
14.Beltek - Eclipse (Original Mix)
Downlaod (Zippyshare)
Download (4 shared)
Wowww! Progressive House is a beautiful Music genre. I love the nice smooth sounds and I bet you too. I hope you like this set. it tooks me hours to do it cause there are so amny great Tracks out there. I cant use them all.
I really appreciate every comment and the great feedback from you guys. I also want to thank to all the people who are downlaoding every Set from this Blog and folliwing my Youtube. Unfortunately life is getting more busy thatswhy I cant uplaod a lot. But if you see a new upload here you can be sure it was made with a lot of emotions and love =)
So enjoy this new progressive house set and make it LOUDDDDD!!!! <3

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wonderfull Chill Out Music (Warm Summer Breeze Mix)


1. Blank & Jones - Worldwhite
2. Mad Mark - Free Like A Bird
3. Creto - The Missing Link
4. Blank & Jones - Moonlgiht over Maldives
5. Michael E - Kiss
6. Blank & Jones - Jet Set
7. Akmusique - Close Enough
8. Riccardo Erberspacher - Freedom
9. Soulchillaz - Your Heart
10.Noise Boyz - Drive Me Away (coolness mix)
11.Di Zihan & Kamien - Homebase
12.Orange - Endless Summe
13.Blank & Jones - City of angels (Beach House Mix)
Downlaod Link Zippyshare
Download Link 4 shared

FINALLY!!! OMG sry for the late post. Finally Im done with my new Chill Out mix. I know you guys waited for like 10 weeks or something. Sorry for this imstance.
So now for you waiting is a wonderful huge Chill Out Mix with fucking amazign summer sounds. This is the perfect msuic for comming down and relaxing. I really hope you gyus enjoy this Mix and sorry once again for my rar posts the last 2 months.