Sunday, October 31, 2010

Progressive House Session (Infinite Loop Mix)

!!! Progressive House !!!


1. Ads feat Di - Words That May Never Be Said (Dedicated To A C)
2. M.A.Z.7 - Don't Cry (Original Mix)
3. Matteo Marini - I Miss U (Original Mix)
4. Jason Bradberry - Autumn feat  Emily Haughton (Mango pres. Shoreliners Remix)
5. T-PE3 - Missin You (Original Mix)
6. Fade - Walk Beside You (Original Mix)
7. Alpha 9 - Bliss (Original Mix)
8. Alexander Popov - Vapour Trails (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
9. Mossy - Meeting Point (Original Mix)
10.EDU - Sweet Amber (Original Mix)
11.Schodt Ft. Aida Fenhel - White Tiger (Schodt 'M1dn1t3' Mix)
12.Labtracks - Together (Original Mix)

Awww what a sweet new Mix Ive done! I bet you will love the sounds! I fucking love this damn great Music genre. The great smooth sounds will bring us to forget all the probolems we have. At the moment my favorite music genre for sure <3

I tried to start the mix with deep depressed sounds and  raise it with awesome sounds from Alpha 9, Mossy and many more. I wish you all a happy Halloween and dont get scared about this mix. Downlaod it =)

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)


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